It's about to happen!! 

Been waiting for the latest George Moss single?  The wait is almost over!!
Next Tuesday you will get a chance to hear new music, but even more then that, you will get to hear the message George wants to express.  Yes, the "music" is still George Moss, but the message has matured and grown.  Be ready as George begins to question what we've been taught for years in our "churches".  More the anything, George asks us to dive into the scriptures and examine what the Bible teaches.  Urging us to go deeper and unpack the truth.  Be ready and willing to discuss questions about the Word.  Before it was "time", now it's time to "Set it off"!  #GetYokedUp #Setitoff

~ sac

Ready or not... It's A Boy!  

On Wednesday, January 21st, 2015 my family and I welcomed Judah David George Moss to the world. I knew that time time was coming soon for him to be born, but his due dates wasn't until Feb. 5th. For a few weeks prior, my wife was having some braxton hicks contractions (if you don't know what that is, don't worry about it, I didn't either. Just google it). As she was having them, I was telling her that if only he cold wait until after Wednesday, everything would be fine. I had a lot of really "important" things to do that day. I had an important meeting scheduled for that morning, an appointment for a haircut, a promo video shoot, and I was also had a speaking engagement that night. But as much as I tried to tell my wife to "hold it", God was determined to show me what is truly important.

Winter Blast can't stop George Moss 

Yeah, it was cold and snowy last week.  We adapted, moving the Tailgate Party inside.  Before enjoying KB, Royal Tailor, and Tenth Avenue North.
And Friday the roads were slippery, but the heat from the group at Kalamazoo Community Church had George fired up!!
Want George Moss to come to your church, youth group, or community event?  Submit your request HERE.
Then you and your event can #GetYokedUp - It's way easier then you think!! 

~ sac

Go Mad 2014, you were glorious!! 

November in Fort Wayne, IN was the setting for Youth for Christ's 2014 "Go Mad" conference.  And, thanks to Huntington University, George Moss was able to captivate 1,200 friends through music and speaking the Truth.George brought along #DjCre8ive to really get the crowd fired up!!
We even found some time to test out some human size plastic hamster balls.  Find George or DjCre8ive on Instragram (@georgemoss & @Cre8iveLifeFitness) to see some short clips or more photos from last week's powerful time of ministry.  Also, you can search the hashtag #gomad or #gomad2014 to see what all happened in Fort Wayne last weekend.  #GetYokedUp

~ sac