Tour dates announced 

Good news, George Moss has new dates announced bringing him to New Mexico, Indiana, Ohio and a couple spots in Michigan in the next 6 weeks.  As some new tour dates have been announced, it seemed like a great time to contact some of the organizers.  Only one question was asked, "Why did you choose to bring George Moss to your event?"  The responses were amazing.  Here are their responses;

"His appeal to our youth group and area kids." - Rob in Kent City.

"We've seen him before.  Factors include his solid faith, positive testimony, and our parents are excited to bring him to our area again.  Our students are pumped to see him again." - Ramon from Northbridge Church.

"George is a talented rapper and a gifted speaker.  He promotes the same values we promote to our youth group.  When our students saw him before they were surprised how good he was, even shedding the 'Christian artist' stereotype.  We are excited to see him preform again."  - Jeff from Kalamazoo Community Church.

"George Moss has a great ministry.  His heart to reach people is amazing."  - Blake Assistant YP of Revolution YM.

"I have hired George Moss for many of my events.  He is authentic, relates well to students, has a genuine personality, a powerful testimony, and has great music.  His interaction with the crowd is amazing, when George is on stage everyone is paying attention.  He has made several trips to our venue, and the students love him!  His love for God and heart for sharing with others is evident in all he does.  I have used a variety of performers over the years, and George Moss stands out as one of the best.  I highly recommend him to anyone interested in a great performer."  - Jeremiah YP at Dublin Baptist Church. 

"Huntington University is proud to partner with Youth for Christ's GO Mad event.  HU has sponsored the concert in the past and provided some outstanding artists and for 2014 that remains the same.  Huntington University is pleased to present George Moss for this year's concert to kick off Go Mad.  The relationship between George Moss and Huntington University is definitely not a new one.  For the past ten year's HU complies music from artists around the country into the HUzic CD.  Music from George Moss has appeared numerous times on these compilation cd's.  George Moss has also performed at the Fandana music festival held on HU's campus.  We look forward to another great event with George Moss in partnership with Youth for Christ and Huntington University."  - Nate at Huntington University. 

Look for some details about each concert under the "Tours" tab.  #GetYokedUp 

OXEN Apparel is blowing up - Thanks to you!! 

It has been a busy week packing and shipping OXEN gear.  The demand has been tremendous and we wanted to thank all of you.  And, here's the best news - what you've seen so far is just the initial line.  There are some new ideas coming for the Fall/Winter line.  Got any suggestions on what kind of swag should come next?  Haven't been to OXEN Apparel yet?  Click on the link and check it all out.  Again, just want to thank you all for the support.  #GetYokedUp!!

Oxen Apparel is now online!!  

The site is now live, have you been there yet?  OXEN Apparel  features shirts, tanks, headwear, eyewear and wristbands.  OXEN is more then a brand, it's a vision that has been over a year in the making.  OXEN represents who George Moss is, and means more then just fashion.  The idea came about from a late night idea session with a friend and has grown into so much more.  It's about how we live and the spirit of Christ in us.  The Biblical message speaks to how an OXEN is lead by its master, with that in mind the idea includes being yoked together (Matt. 11:29) and being lead by our master Jesus Christ.  Wanna rep some new gear that has Christ at the core?  Then lets get "yoked up"!!  Watch for some updates about TOUR information very soon.  As always if you want to get emails/newletters about what's new and coming next, sign up with your email in the top right corner.  Be blessed. 


COMING 9/1/14 

Hey, this is George Moss.

I am VERY close to launching my new clothing line, OXEN Apparel, and online community, The OXEN Team!
This is something that I've been working on for the past 2 years, but I'm finally going to be starting it on September 1st.

The clothing line will include some high quality t-shirts, snap-back hats, eyewear, wristbands and some other cool gear that you've seen me wearing this summer at shows, and on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

The clothing line will be awesome! But, what I am even more excited about is the OXEN Team! The OXEN Team isn't a "fan club" that is centered around me, and it's not a "street team" who's goal is to go out and do promotional stuff for me... NOPE! It's WAAAAAY more than that!!!

The OXEN Team is a community of believers that are "yoked" together to do the work of Jesus Christ! The mission is simple, "To make new and better disciples of Jesus!"

The past few years I've been able to tour across the country and literally see hundreds of people come to know Jesus through my music. But, the hardest thing about sharing the gospel at a concert is having to get on a plane, or hop on a bus and go to the next city without a good way to stay connected with these new believers.

According to Matthew 28, if we are truly a disciple of Jesus, we are ALL called to carry out the great commission. And that doesn't say go and lead people to make "decisions" for Jesus at concerts. NO! It says "…Go therefore and make DISCIPLES…"

So for the past two years, I've been searching for a way to stay connected and disciple all these new believers. Obviously, it is not possible to personally talk to every single person one on one by myself, but it IS possible to create a community of believers that can "yoke up" with each other to help us all become stronger spiritually.

Finally, this September, I will be launching this new online discipleship community called The OXEN team to accomplish just that.

Before things go live, I'd love to hear your feedback! Click here to lean more and join the conversation.

George Moss Is Heading Back Into The Studio 

I am excited to announce that I'm going to be heading back in to the studio this spring to record my 3rd studio album!! For this album I am doing something a little different... rather than signing with a new record label to fund this album, I'm going to be doing a crowd funding campaign on

Indiegogo is a crowd funding platform similar to Kickstarter, where fans can pledge money to help support the new album, and in return they get some really cool rewards like an advance copy of the new album or even a private George Moss concert! Since I am using Indiegogo rather than signing with a record label, this album will be completely fan funded! I am stoked about the album, and I can't wait to share the new music with you!  


George Moss Announces His Engagement! 

Just in time for Valentine's Day, hip hop artist George Moss announces his engagement to Michelle Cummings. George first noticed Michelle back in 2010 at a concert he was performing at her church. She was in the front row and he tried to make eye contact with her, but she just walked away and blew him off.
After the show, George found Michelle on Facebook and added her as a friend. As a result he kept seeing things that she posted and he really like her character and personality. However, after a few months, Michelle deleted George on Facebook. Over the years as George went back to her church to visit, he kept an eye out for Michelle, but never ran into her.

Then last September out of the blue one of George's friends from high school text him and said that she had someone that George should meet. George had a lot of people that were trying to fix him up but he wasn't really looking for someone. He had plans to move to Nashville, so he didn't think this was the right time. However, since his friend went to the same church that he first seen Michelle, he thought he would ask who it is, just in case... and you guessed it... it was Michelle!! After getting her number from his friend, George took Michelle out to lunch. He said that one thing that really impressed him from the start was that Michelle didn't put on a bunch of make up and get all dressed up for the date, she just seemed very genuine. Over the next couple of months as they got to know each other better, George says he put Michelle through "an intense interview process". He wanted to make sure that Michelle was someone that he could potentially spend the rest of his life with.

On New Year's Eve Michelle and her daughter came over to George's house for a mini New Year's party. George, Michelle and the kids set up a tent/fort in the living room. They ate pizza rolls and had air-soft gun wars. Just before midnight they started talking about what they were thankful for in 2013, and what they were excited about for the new year. After the kids and Michelle shared what they were thankful for, George, inspired by the verses in John 13, began to wash all of their feet, starting with the kids. When he got to Michelle, while kneeling down to wash her feet, he proposed... and she said YES!!


GM Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest 

Dig out your ugliest Christmas sweater, for a chance to win a $25 Amazon giftcard!! To enter just post a picture of you wearing your ugly Christmas sweater on my facebook wall. You will have until 11:59PM on Tuesday Dec. 17th to submit your photos! After that time all the pictures will be collected and posted in an album for people to vote on. Voting will open on Wednesday Dec. 18th and will close on Christmas eve! At the end of the voting period, the picture with the most likes will win! 

George Moss Joins #HopeWeekNYC 

This week I have been in New York City with my homie Pedro LaTorre for "Hope Week NYC". We went out 10 churches, and 10 schools, to reach 10,000 students all in one week!! Pedro is going to be joining me on next weeks Google hangout and we are gonna be talking a little bit more about Hope Week NYC, and giving you a quick recap. So make sure you tune in Tuesday at 8:00 PM EST. 


Google Hangout #2 

This week I got to hangout with my friend Shuree on the second ever GM Google Hangout! If you missed it, you can see what went down in the video below!


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