“This feels like my first album.” George Moss sits next to me, his shoulders hunched, hands clasped in his lap. An excited smile flashes across his boyish features. It’s Time, released in October 2012 is not George’s first release. He first hit the Christian music scene in 2002 as one half of the hip-hop duo UN1ON, whose debut EP, sparked a nation wide tour. George’s first solo effort came six years later with 2008’s All or Nothing, featuring the singles “Whoa” and “Transparent.” Even with nearly a decade of experience under his belt George views his latest effort as his real introduction to music fans.

Back in 2008 after the release of All or Nothing, bigger opportunities started to come George’s way. The success of All or Nothing brought an invitation to tour with Christian rap star KJ52. Although George was used to being the featured performer at his shows, with KJ52 he took a supporting role as hype man. “Touring with KJ showed me just how much growing I had to do as a performer and artist,” George says. Spending so much time with KJ52, George began to look up to him as a mentor musically and personally. “I learned a lot about ministry and this career from him. Ten albums in twelve years. I want that type of longevity.”

George’s prospects look bright. He has a devoted following cultivated from his previous albums and top rated radio show, Prime Time w/ George Moss on WaYfm. At one point Prime Time was rated the #1 radio show in West Michigan in its time slot, beating out all of the mainstream stations. With all of these endeavors as well as the wide exposure George gained from touring with KJ52, It’s Time is primed for commercial success. With beats from a variety of genres, George’s sound has been likened to hip hop artists B.O.B., Kid Cudi, and Lecrae. Listening to tracks like “Loud” and “Hands Up” it’s easy to hear the dance and pop influences of Toby Mac and Group1Crew. In the four years since releasing All or Nothing George has honed his craft, elevating his lyrical skills and diversifying his flow. This is not the same George Moss audiences have heard before.

One thing that hasn’t changed about George or his music is his ministry. Although lyrically some of his songs are not overtly Christian, all of his work springs from his genuine relationship with Christ. "I've grown and learned a lot about my music, my faith, and who I am as a person since my first record," Says George. "I feel like I finally have the wisdom and freedom to write songs that are not only about my faith, but as a result of it." George strives to live out his faith and share it with others. He has traveled across the country as a speaker at public schools, churches, and festivals, reaching thousands of teens and young adults.

After years of playing a supporting role as a hype man, George is ready to step back into the spotlight. He spent 2012 debuting songs from It’s Time on multiple concert tours, and a host of performances at Christian music festivals across the United States. With each performance George has been laying the foundation for the album that will influence his audiences to embrace a lifestyle of love, understanding, and obedience to God’s word. As the title of his new album states and many would agree, It’s Time.